Laos - Flight with Hot Air Balloon over Vang Vieng (Above Laos)

On our trip to Laos, we had the pleasure of flying over Vang Vieng with the hot air ballon company Above Laos. The fact that these balloons are made in France by hand, the DGAC (Direction Générale de l’Aviation Civile) and EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) certifications, the fact that each crew member is professionally trained, as well as the five stars reviews on tripadvisor, make Above Laos the safest, highest quality and in our opinion the best choice in case you choose to do this activity.

The flight started very early in the morning, after Above Laos' mini van came to pick us up from our hotel and take us to its specially designed area. There the crews had already begun preparations for the balloons to take off.

After they offered us coffee, a brief update followed, both for our safety during the flight as also for various other useful information. The flights take place in the morning and in the afternoon so that we can enjoy the sunrise and/or sunset from above.

The engines were on, and huge flames filled the balloon with hot air so that it could take off. Without realizing it, we boarded one of them and were ready for our flight. The sound of the engine and the heat of the flame burning above our heads give us a very special and unique feeling.

We slowly left the ground and from the very first meters we started to see beautiful images of the landscape which showed that this activity has a lot to offer to us!

It didn't take long to pass through the clouds , to be above them and while the engines were off ... in the absolute silence, to enjoy a view like this.

We continued with a tour at a lower altitude in the exotic and green areas of the surrounding region

while our altitude was slowly decreasing, as a result of which we landed in a field where the crew of Above Laos was waiting to pick us up and take us to its main facilities.

On our landing, however, some… others were also waiting...

At the main facility, after we had a table full of fruit, cakes, drinks and ... champagne, each of us was awarded with a very beautiful certificate of participation in this flight with the signature of our pilot.

The duration of the flight is about one hour and it is definitely an experience that will be unforgettable but at the same time we will highly recommend it to each of you.

You can see more pictures from our trip to Laos and our flight, to the corresponding Highlight on Instagram

For any information do not hesitate to contact with us or directly with Above Laos.

We wish to come back again...

* Although we were guests of Above Laos, our opinion is personal.

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